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We offer professional analysis and appraisals of planned or already installed machines.


- detailed report including the checklists of all inspection points documents the current state 
- qualified appraisal and demand analysis
-  suggestion of measures for the attainment of your selected objective 
Detect weak sports, prevent system errors, lower operating costs, increase efficiency.
The following systems are our special subjects: 

- adsorption technology, also with high pressure 
(compressed air dryers, charcoal adsorbers, breathing air machines) 
- compressed air refrigerant type dryers
- chillers
- filtration systems, incl. cyclone separators (for industrial, sterile and steam applications)
- filter silencers 
- paint compatible filter systems
- condensate removal and condensate treatment systems (incl. oil-water separators and emulsion isolation machines)


Home       About Us         Products        Services       News       Quality       Imprint       Contacts
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