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Compressed Air must be dry

Compressed air one of the most important source of energy within industry today. Insufficient treatment of this air leads to the build-up of aggressive condensate, which not only causes havoc in pipework and pressure vessels but can lead to expensive downtime and paralysis of produnction processes.

Eliminate the problem

The new refrigerant dryer range teats compressed air efficently, meeting the user needs and eliminating the problems associated with wet, untreated air in compressed air systems in the 21st century will have to measure upto the ever increasing demands for better quality and more efficiently produced products. When fitted with high-performance filtration, the represents a performance package capable of meeting and surprising these demands.

Efficent effective technology

Warm, saturated compressed air enters an air to air heat exchanger where it is cooled by cold,dry compressed air passing by the opposite direction.The temp. of this partially cooled air is finally reduced to the reqd. pressure   dew point on entering the refrigant/air heat exchanger.The resulting condensate is separated by a service-free water separator. 


Our latest refrigeration dryer generation draws on many years of experience, representing a well thought-out an proven concept, with particular emphasis being placed on environmental issues,a compact design, low running costs and operational safety. 

Refrigerant Dryers the benefit add-ups

Solid Performance

* Steady pressure dew point No freezing of condensate moisture.
* No chance of moisture entering the compressed air system.

Simple Reliablity

* Quality components, generously sized.
* Simple and proven design.
* Effective control system(hot gas by pass).

Easy Installation

* Plug & Play concept
* Single electrical connection
* All units pre-commissioned
* Self Regulating

Minimal Maintenance
* Long service intervals.
* Few components replacement
* Ergonomic design for fast access to key components.

Significant Cost Saving

* Increased eliability and lifetime of tools and equipment
* Reduced pipe work leaks, meaning reduces energy bill
* Fever repairs to tools,machine and pipe work
* Less inconvenient brakowns and stoppages
* Minimal chance of product spoilage throughmoisture carryover

Environmental Friendly
* Complaint to strictest environment regulations.

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