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Air Cooled Scroll Type, Oil Free Compressors

  • Energy efficient compressors
  • 100 % Oil free air
  • Relatively low noise – 58 db for 20 HP compressor
  • Can be installed in the factory floor itself –reduced pressure loss and piping costs
  • Low maintenance frequency

Key application areas

Scroll's Uniqueness
Applications Critical Requirements Advanced Features
  No Human/Product Contamination (100% Oil Free Air) No Oil Related Breakdown Low Noise & Vibration No Oil Related Rejections Energy Efficient (Low Pressure Drop) Energy Efficient (Variable Output)
CNC Machines with Pneumatic Operations      
Instrumentation and R&D Analysers        
Colour Sorting  
Semiconductor Manufacturing    
Air Bearings    
Food Processing  
Beverage Processing    
Garment Manufacturing    
Glass Coating          
Digital & Offset Printing    
Dental Clinics    
Nitrogen Generators      
Paper Manufacturing    
Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing    
Premium Spray Painting      
Cosmetics Manufacturing  
Rubber & Leather Processing    
Vacuum Metalising    

Home       About Us         Products        Services       News       Quality       Imprint       Contacts
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